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Monday, June 15, 2009

Ahhhh my nose is stuffy!


IM WORKING IM WORKING! Im sneezing im wheezing. And im coughing. Ohhh life is so fun

I just wanna thank all of you for being with me through this AMAZING journey we all call my little blog. Im watching that show about girls who date BAGS. Today its about the O.C Bag named Tommy. His poor girlfriend! Lmao. But i learned a bunch of new words. Im soooo sorry i havent been posting. My summer officially starts today, a day earlier than all the other schools in the county. Its because of our new rebuilt school. I promise to have a summer wish list!

AS FOR WISH LISTS, CHECK OUT MY DREAM HOUSE! I got the pictures off this cool online blog. I dont think they're all from the same house, but they come together well enough for me. Also, after that are a few polyvore sets for yall to enjoy. While i sneeze.

Tariro's special house includes:
-A special garden
- A library
- Lights
- A pretty bed
- A nice living room
- AND MORE! and ill even let you visit sometimes

This one's kinda related to my dream casa :]


  1. cool selection

    bonne nuit

    la chauve-souris

  2. love those!! great picks!


  3. I loveeeeeee these collages so much :)

  4. Love these sets !
    Polyvore is so addicting, don't you think !?
    Great blog, will definately be back :D