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Monday, June 22, 2009

The journalist's daughter, yeah her

IM GOING TO GEOMETRY! I PASSED ALGEBRA! the lord was with me. i barely studied. but i knew most of it. im a bad child. on with the post.

Ello. Thanks to everyone who commented below! i was in a damp mood but i felt happier. Maybe people read my posts but not comment, which is fine.

Just came from writing an article for Declan. Its coming together slowly! I promise gimme 2 weeks. Im using paint so bear with me. Once you kill your computer 3 times, parents tend to get a little touchy. So im doing my best and using what ive got.

Also, ive become quite addicted to Lookbook. I posted my first look and guess what! I HAVE 2 HYPES! So, in honor of those who get hypes which is everyone, im gonna make my own shirt. See, im getting paid tommorow. 40 BUCKS! And my sister's giving me about 40 from her check. In my house, you get more than 20 bucks you share it. Whether it be pay or birthday money, you share. So yeah im gonna be purty darn rich. Ill show you the design for the hype shirt when my back stops hurting.

Basically its gonna be the hype sign! WHEN YOU COMMENT no pressure PUT ANY RANDOM NUMBER! I MIGHT SELECT IT AS THE NUMBER FOR THE HYPES! I need a hobby. Wait, I HAVE ONE! lol.

Ok well i took a few pictures before we left for a dinner party. OUTSIDE! Such nice whether. Lovely, actually.

Dress: H&M Necklace: My mommy Shoes: Payless Wedges
My lookbook


  1. Great job on passing Alegbra! I never liked math! But I like that dress! :)

  2. Haha..great post! It's so cool that your family share what you have...that's really sweet. Your post put a smile on my face! xxoxoxoxo

  3. eugh math. ahaha. congrats! i always hated math so much. anyways lovely post and that dress looks really pretty on you! :)

  4. Cute looks!

    Congrats on passing I know how you feel, when I was in school math was my WORST subject!


  5. Great job, I have always hated math. Great dress.