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Saturday, March 14, 2009

P.S I still have your boyfriend's jeans :]

Ok well the title gives it all away

Today's post is about BOYFRIEND JEANS!
They are so awesome! Baggy yet absolutely amazing. Now if i had a boyfriend i'd have had his already, but like every other lonely lady/girl out there im gonna buy them! So this short post has just come pics of really cute ones i found. I ADVISE YOU TO STEAL HIS JEANS BUT PLEASE DO NOT TELL YOUR BOY FRIEND I SAID TO! AND IF YOU DUMPED HIM TAKE HIM BACK, GET THE JEANS, THEN LEAVE HIM!


  1. haha lovely post
    i love boyfriend jeans oh so much! :-)

  2. oh i love the way they look! super cute post

  3. I love how you can wear something so baggy and still be chic.

  4. Love these jeans! The ones in the third pic are my fav, the way they cuffed them up with heels... tres cute

  5. i love the post title :) its really fun.
    i like boyfriend jeans because, to be honest, they're reallllly comfy.

  6. What an awesome blog! I love all your pictures! Please post more of your outfits!


  7. Thanks Indy

    And they seem comfy. I wish i had a brother. but then they'd be brother jeans. hmm

  8. Awesome post <3 Love the pictures you've picked.

  9. it's always great about jeans. when you're stuck no what to wear for the day, a clean white shirt and awesome jeans always make you look better in the end haha :]

  10. thank you soo much and mr. freddy says thank you too for your sweet comments. sorry for the late reply, i was sick.

    anyway, you made me laugh about your advise on bf jeans. that's so cool!
    btw, i would love to exchange link with you.

  11. Thanks.
    And its just the best advice a girl can give :]