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Sunday, March 15, 2009

cover flow mixed with my freakout; help

AHHHH!!!!!! Its 12:34am and the laptop crashed. problem? ITS MY PARENTS! And this is the second time its crashed! So, i came downstairs to this one tor un anti virus. Im preventing both. and oooooo are my sister and i gonna be in trouble. there goes my allowance. its halfway their problem. 1/4 each person's. ill take my 1/4. BUT ALL MY INSPIRATIONS! I've saved images i love. It dosent have that much memory so thats probably why. Awww this is so sad. Ok well anyways im got an ipod. 120 gigs of an ipod to be exact. Suplied by my parents. which they'll take away. and its exam week#1. dear god pleade dont make meeeeee. But if i must. Anyways here are some cool pics that inspire me. Tommorow i promise to post pictures. i think i luk purty but mind my hair. that was before my mom did it.


  1. Gorgeous images. Good luck on the laptop front! I hope you don't get in too much trouble x

  2. lovely photos.
    the first set is of the model anja, correct? she's with DNA i believe.

  3. i love that last picture
    the outfit is amazing. :-)