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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

she's 18 and a beauty queen

Ok so i decided to make an about me because im bored and i really have nothing else to do.

Ok well for starters My name is Tariro. Im 12. I love art and everything about it. Im addicted to andy warhol. Im a bargain shopper at heart but i can also splurge when needed. Lol. I hail from Zimbabwe, Africa but currently reside in the US of A. I like it here. I have a girly side and a tomboy side. I love skateboarding, BMX, and motorcross. I love shopping and outlet malls and all that stuff.

I get really mad when people say stuff about stores like salvation army and other thrift stores. I go to all those 1sy hand stores but when i want something unique thats my go-to place. My favorite thrift store moment was when i fought this crazy lady for a purse. she still haunts me but the purse looks nice with my outfits. Lol. I love polyvore and making clothes,

Im a sewing machine all by myself. I make purses and dresses and stuff. And i tried making shorts. I sleep late alot so i always feel wayy tired in the afternoon. Its a bad habit of mine. oops

I love watching the old show Gidget and watching old James Bond Movies. I will in the future work at teen vogue and vogue. Im a hard worker and i love running in heels. except my mom dosent find it very smart when i wear them around on the hardwood. Umm well i guess thats mostly it. Hope you reading it. Oh and my favorite subject is english. i hate math

Also, i love all the peoploe ive met while blogging. Power to the young bloggers of blogspot! Its like my own personal revolution. ttyl!


  1. I would have never guessed you were 12!
    But I'm really jealous you can manage a sewing machine...I've been trying to get myself to learn for the longest time, but I never seem to get around to it =]

  2. i agree with you
    math is not cool.

  3. Haha thanks. Most people say i have a realy advanced vocabulary. pshh i got em all out the dictionary. lol

    and yeah. math is terrible. too bad we need it for life

  4. "she makes the boys feel so weak, it's all for her, none at all. she'll pick you up just to watch you fall"

    haha ohhhh how we love The Maine ;]

    I hate math too, it's just pure evil. I tried skateboarding one time, and I sucked at it, haha.

  5. Yes wee doo

    And i have ALOT of skater guy friends. and if we wanna hang out other than like the mall or whatever its either skate or go home. and they say i go too many girly stores in the mall.