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Monday, March 2, 2009

Ello govnahh

Ok dont go all violent vincent on me. Sorry i havent blogged in like a day or two even though i aspire to. I promise tommorow ill have new outfits up and trust me, they're juicy

Now as the creative fashionista wannabe i am, i decided to make my own magazine. 1 issue. 10 pages. all by myself. Lol. Ok so i was thinking of naming it Declan. Idk. I just really like that name. Ill post up more name ideas tommorow because 1. its late and 2 the list is pretty darn long.

Also, i've restarted my addictiong to polyvore. I deleted every set i've made except for what ive posted here, and made new ones. Here are the ones i made, enjoy. And i know i know, i used the whole naming my sets thing again. Lol, but i love the one called A Letter To Indie Claire. It should be in my mag. Ahhhh off to write more ideas using a desk lamp. My dad hates it when i still have my lights on at like 12. Old people. Ok well he isnt that old but whatever. Here are my sets. Feel free to love or hate.

Jane - by indiefreak on

My letter to Indie Claire
My letter to Indie Claire - by indiefreak on

Love, Indie Claire
Love, Indie Claire - by indiefreak on


  1. thanks for the lovely comment! love your blog... can't wait for the mag ;-D Xxxc

  2. Thanks an i've been working hard on it. Updates 2morrow probably