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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Z is for Zap Pow! Boom!

EDIT: New layout. What do ya think?
Special thanks to Emilie because she gave me an awesome idea that i will post like tommorow cause the item has to dry. Thanks!
Ok so yesterday i was in a bad mood. Im switching schools so im leaving alot of my friends behind. But one this made me feel better, a photoshoot with some clothes. I was gonna post them on here today but silly me, i saved them on the laptop and not the main computer and guess what im on? So expect greatness tommorow. But, do not fear for i am here. I bought a new spiderman shirt at delias so i decided to make my post today all about super hero attire. Clark Kent in all.

As you can see to your left, I made a super hero collage. Ignore how crappy it looks. I might have gotten lazy and GIMP wont open for some stupid reason. ill fix it later. Anyways i love them so much! Especially when they turn evil *SPIDAHHMAHNNN* lol. Its just they're so cool and they help out people and stuff. And i always love the stories of how they became superheros and stuff. Its like he fell into a vault of wierd goo and she got bit by a cat and so on. I wonder if i can become a super hero. That'd be like the coolest thing ever. Ok well here are some really cool super hero clothing and also clothes inspired by them.

Superheros - by dolcevitadeux on
I love this collage! I know to others it may look a mess but this is like my own personal super hero shopping list. You can buy all these things in stores like Delias., Topshop, Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, and Urban Outfitters.

I guess thats it for today. Off to go eat some chocolate cake and text my best friend. We're talking now about superheros. Aren't we fantastic?



  1. I love your header. The lemon background is 'happy'. I must now fly back to the fashion cave.

  2. Oh, I've always thought Superman was quite the hunk ;) I like how he's represented on the runway in the first collage. Btw, I really like the picture you use as your header! Very nice blog! (and i did link you) :)

  3. is that vincent lacrocq with a superhero shirt on? HAHAHAHAHHA J'DORE HIM SO MUCHO! hhaa im sorry but seeing him (if it is him if it isnt this is still funny) in that shirt is sooo adorable! i love it!

  4. Thnx guys. And now i know mr. kent's name. When i saw it i was like umm CAN I KEEP YOU? Lol.

    And ill link you back. thnx

  5. oooooh i love the yellow colour of the blog!

  6. yea sure you can link me, i'll link you too, dont see why we shouldnt! dont you just looove that shirt? it puts a smile on everyone's face.

  7. Cool thanks. I agree, and that shirt is like the make-me-happy item. lol