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Friday, February 27, 2009

Dreamweaver[im a hippie heritage]

Hey. Sorry i skipped yesterday. I was really tired and didnt feel like dragging the laptop and the charger to my bed. Lol.
well i just snacked on a hershey bar and some orange soda so im pumped.

Ok so most of you probably dont know this but i call myself a dream weaver. I know iot sounds REALLY stupid but thats just what i consider myself. The graphics i make[not poctured here yet] are inspired by my dreams and i feel like i wanta ll my dreams to become reality, so i make them what i need them to be.
For clothing, im a hippie heritage. I made that up too. Ok so hippie heritage is basically inspired by hippie clothes but adding some chic flare. Hippie Heritage is to me a creative part of life. I like to show creative control, living life, and free spirited freedom when i wear those clothes. Hippie heritage to me is calm, collected, but chic. I love making it look like i didnt work too hard but i still look good. The colors i wear for hippie heritage are earthy tones or colors that are close to peaceful. I dont ALWAYS wear hippie heritage clothing, but i consider that as my signature. So, i've decided to show you examples of Hippie Heritage clothing. Ill show examples of what i consider Dreamweaver style later because im on the laptop and the mouse annoys me.
These editorial images are really cool and they show pretty much everything i like about being a Hippie Heritage. Oh and guess what? The editorial some of them came from is called Dreamweavers. Isnt that funny?

All those outfits and pictures up there are what i consider H.H. They're simple, cool, and inspiring. The best way to really get these looks is going to either a vintage store or a thrift store. There is nothing bad about those stores and they're basically the best places to get whatever you need for any price. Also, you can find clothes inspired by these images at forever 21, charlotte russe, and urban outfitters. Hippie Heritage is a way to show yourself as a person who is indie and fun. Ill post some pictures of me wearing some of my H.H clothes soon. Here's a collage of some H.H items i've found around. Enjoy

hippie heritage
hippie heritage - by dolcevitadeux on


  1. i like your header

    it seems like you'd be into bleached jeans, doing them yourself is a drag but they come out marvelously

  2. hmm i should try that.I might be into it, Thnx

  3. i adored that shoot in teen vogue, some beautiful pieces in there

  4. Teen Vogue shoots are the best things ever, especially the couple shoots. My personal favourite is "The New Romantics" but this one is right up there with the best of them :-)

  5. Bloggers keep getting younger and younger. I'm 13 and I just started, you and Tavi are 12. Good luck. Visit my blog if you like.

  6. i know right! I buy teen vogue just for their spreads. I feel bad about t later but its like they're just so cool

    And thanks! Ill definitely visit

  7. Hey again, thanks for stopping by. Link away, I will link back to you.

  8. love this shooting!