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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dirty Laundry and my best friend Polly [Im Ripped Torn and Distressed

Excuse my lack of updates. im over at my cousin's house on the most confusing laptop ever

Anyways ive got good news! I did my laundry. I did my dirty 3 heaps of disorganized love. Which means my white shirts are free to be worn and to look indie thmeselves. Im having a brown moment. Imhaving the best luck this week My fashion choices have been ok but today i feel like im actually drssed my age. Dont get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with what kids my age wear. But im ired of all aberfitch all the time, so i bring my own style to it. Anyways i have on a tan GAP sweater, a baby blue spider man shirt[SUPAHHHHEROOOOOO] abercrombie flare jeans[they r mad comfy] and then blue converses. ive written all over those shoes so many times im surprised my mom hasnt sneaked into my closet to throw them out. Haha. Fashionita's luck. k i promise tommorow i will hve all new pics up. We got this really cool red camea that cost like 100 bucks so it must work really well. Haha. Ok till then, i got the new FREE PEOPLE catalog online. ITS ALL RIPPED DENIM! Most ahmazing jeans ever and they make me soo happy. I better start saving because these things are ripped love to the point of no return or exchange. Here they are:

What do you think of them?
And for those wondering, the magazine is going really well. Im just up to designing the layouts of most of the pages but everything else is good. I still have a while to go, but hang in there!


  1. oh those are lovely photos, free people is a great brand. It takes me ages to do laundry as well, plus i have a teeny basket that i got from urban, so it all piles and over flows and turns into a huge mess. Lets for sure exchange links.

  2. Haha i hear you. When my mom walked into my room she was like WHAT IS THAT? And i was like oh those are my clothes. I need those washed btw. Then we dragged it all downstairs.

    And cool. Thanks!

  3. Oh ripped jeans, how I love them so!

    Haha, I know, I love John O, he seems like such a sweetheart. Have you met him? I'm hoping to this summer at Warped Tour. I love Garrett too though.

    Thanks for the comment! I linked you!


  4. Yippeee. And im just about to finish a new post and yeah ill link you right now.

    Im planning on doing the same thing too. I really love the maine. and he is hilarious. according to my best friend im Mrs. Johnny Ohh and she's Mrs. Claudio Sanchez. Im not lying and i know it probably sounds dumb. haha. we made these marrige licences and stuff.

  5. you can always find nice quality things at the gap - sweater here and there you know, and ive always considered myself a gap girl at heart but i am just not liking their new clothes! weird :p xx

  6. haha same. its like they;ve changed a little. idk.