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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Its almost 1 AM and this nocturnal miss is up. I find myself saying words like ubber and radical. I find myself saying im so indie freak it hurts and all sorts of out of this world stuff. I bet its cause of that UFO i just saw. Haha

Ok so my not really tommorow but kinda today post is all about fashionable pre-teens and teens that ive seen or know. Mostly seen. Anyway, i love seeing kids around my age busting out their party clothes and dancing to Nirvana. Or maybe thats just me. Well, here goes.
She styles people online for free!!! this is your #1 go to girl for anyone at ANYAGE oh and her fashion choices are to die for! This girl can help you when you're about to pull out your hair like its no problem. She makes saying im young soo much cooler.
Jane Jane Jane. The not so plain Jane. I love her style so much! one time its victorian then the next its something else! And her shoes are to die for. I love how she has really cool pieces of clothes and she isnt scared of wearing them. Fashionista, yes, plain, no.
Her name be Rikki her style be freaky she wear them shoes like......
Oh nevermind. My girls and I have dreams about becoming world famous rappers. Haha.
Ok well you really have to check out her blog! The girl is ahhmazing. Hence the hh,lol. She wears clothes that make me wanna bust out my party dress and sing smells like teen spirit. Still just me. Check out the purses she wears in those! And the shoes, id die for them. OR give up something.
We all know and love the style rookie, Tavi. As a person of the same age as her, i wish i was her best friend. We'd map out vintage stores in the city and walk to them eating lots of hershey bars. But, since im not i guess ill be my own best friend or keep the one i have. Lol. What i love about Tavi is that she's not scared to try new things and wear what she wants. Future voguette? I think so.
Melinda and Tiffany, the new girls with Fashion Secrets to share.
I love the dress Melinda has on and all its ruffles. And her head band makes me wanna do a hippie dance.


These are some blogs ive been looking at and i admire alot. They make a good name for us kiddies. I know there's more and if you'd like to be recognized i will glady make a new post! ----- One of the only guys around my age ive seen blogging about fashion and doing an amazing job at it!


  1. Hahahaha, the rap made me laugh so hard! Thanks for saying such lovely things about me :]

    I love Jane, Tavi, Melinda & Tiffany too! Such amazing girls


  2. haha thanks. i might just finish that lol. i feel like its my ticket to fame.

  3. Great blog!
    I will add you to my blogroll now.
    Can i follow u on bloglovin?
    I like the idea of this post.. I need to check out these girls!



  4. Oh thanks so much hon. How sweet. :)

  5. Heyy
    Great blog.
    Thanks so much for the mention.

  6. thank you so muchhh that is so sweet! im going to link youu too :]

    oh just a btw, the onein the ruffles is melinda!

  7. You're all welcome.
    And Francheska i think ill have to add that to my blog but ill do ti right now.

    And let me edit the post for the right name. srry. i was like half asleep but i still love the dress.

  8. the two news girls are so cute! i love them so far. :D

  9. as i am newly out of my childhood (as if) i admire these "youngesters" fashion. haha, yeah, 18, i'm big shit... haha. they're all so great! i wish i could have been that confident at that age

  10. great post those kids have got style!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and those pics of Milla are fairly recent!

  11. The looks are so cute!
    About the Surface2Air shoes, there's a link on the post (where it says Photo credit) that leads you to their online store.

    Thanks for the comment, dear!

  12. Thanks guys.And you're welcome

  13. I love all of them haha! I think my mom still picked clothes for me up to a certain point.. haha

  14. lol. same. she did until i was like 8. then i stopped as said to myself what am i wearing? now its converse heels and whatever i love. she says just as long as i look suitable for a lady.

  15. Hey, I have a new picture up on my most recent post. Maybe you edit your post and put it up. :)

  16. thanks for these great links! :) off to explore now

  17. nice blog. thx for the linkies, now i know much more cool blogs by us youngsters. can i link you? :))

  18. Thanks Honey Pie. I love the addition you made to the paragraph about me. :)

  19. Thanks so much for the mention! :) I'm going to go visit the others!