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Friday, July 15, 2011

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Recently, ive begun to get REALLY into home decor and just interior design in general! So here's a post showing two interior designs ive come up with and put together, and the inspiration behind them! It'd be SO awesome if I went into interior design, and I definitely would love it! Enjoy!

City Life; City Hype

    For this one, I decided to create a bedroom. I think I really wanted to go for a rustic-ish and urban look, yet still retain some very soft qualities! I really love the simplicity of the bed, the cool designs on the chair, and the pattern of the cushion! I think those three and the light letter E really inspired the whole design all together. And also the Iron Z, which is a table accent. Oh and, I absolutely love the iron coffee table! How cool is that?! The street lamp may be for outside your house, but I think it'd be lovely to put it inside! 1 on each side of the bed, that would definitely be nice! Id like to this this room would be in an amazing apartment somewhere in SoHo.

A Wave From Home

    I absolutely LOVE beach houses, adding onto the fact that I LOVE the beach and the ocean! For the second house, I also styled a bedroom but most of the elements COULD/WOULD be taken over into other rooms as well. I think the main reason I did bedrooms for both was because I would LOVE to re-do my room, and if I ever get to it, I want something to look at for more inspiration! I really would LIKE a room thats beachy-breezy but still really classic and cool. This room is definitely a little breath of fresh air, because the COLOR SCHEME is mostly vibrant! There's yellows, there's blues, there's teals, and creams! Its all in there! I definitely drew some inspiration from the beach and the ocean, which is why I went for white/cream furniture and then bright/pretty colors to accent that. Even though I tried to focus more on the beach scene, I DID want a little artsy-ness in there, hence the pretty chandeliers and the gorgeous pillow! Id like to think this room would be in a gorgeous beach house in Huntington Beach.

I hope you guys liked this post! It was SO much fun for me to do! One of my favorite home decor blogs is called Sacramento Street, so ya'll should check it out! Which room did you like best from above?



  1. Some of these things would look amazing in my room, aha. I wish I owned some of them.

  2. Love home decor and both of these mood boards are absolutely gorgeous, love your picks. And yes, I too adore beach homes -SO pretty. Hope your weekend is a fab one. xx veronika

  3. Thank you so much! & gosh, they really are! Same to you!

  4. Love the beachy house inspired one, I cant wait to have a house one day to decorate it!

    Rianna xxxx

  5. Thanks! & me too! It'll be fun!