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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pretty Little Suit Girl

     Recently, my mom and I sauntered into Macys in search of a dress for an event she and my dad were going to attend. Usually, I just walk around in the Teen Department, drool over the shoes, and sniff the perfumes. But this time, I walked around with her and helped her look, and I ended up wandering to where the fancy stuff was. Thats when I discovered a new love of mine. S-U-I-T-S. Pant suits, skirt suits, dress suits, short suits. All suits! No, NOT the usual black or brown. The ones I saw were BEAUTIFUL. Pinks and teals and yellows and peaches! Gorgeous patterns, perfect cuts, playful looks! I made a little connection to Elle Woods too! Suits had never looked so fun, and I wondered why Id never looked at them before! I was a little overwhelmed by it all, but now I can say I truly love fun suits! Colorfull ones! Because when I THINK about going to work, to a meeting, or somewhere in a REALLY pretty pink ensemble, work doesnt sound too bad to me! Besides, there's nothing wrong with having a little fun while growing up!

So lovely readers, in this post I'll share with you some of the types of suits I saw! Enjoy, and leave a comment if you please!

   First up are the girly suits. I think we all recognize the world's favorite lawyer Elle Woods, and her pretty pink dress or skit suits! I love the little hat that she wore with it too! I saw some absolutely gorgeous girly suits, which came in different shades of pretty colors! Pinks, blues, teals. I really liked them! The all-pink suits were my favorite! I saw mostly tweed versions, and they were just REALLY lovely! I really love the idea of pairing these suits with flats, but pumps could work too!

   Next, I saw a few abstract suits too! There wasnt an exact word in mind for them, so I came up with abstract! With semi-long jackets, and then pencil skirts or dress pants. I think they're kinda heavy, so they'd be something to wear more in the winter time. With that said, I still saw a few with regular length suit jackets! Cant go wrong with a gorgeous black&gray&white color block jacket with triangle buttons! I thought of platform heels when I saw these suits.

    I REALLY loved the classic suits! The ones I saw the most were plaid or navy or red, and they were gorgeous! Very soft jackets, gorgeous round buttons, just SIMPLICITY at its best! I think they're suits for when you WANT to make a statement, but you KNOW you may have to tone it down. I really liked the plaid ones best, with black skirts or black dress pants. I would LOVE to see classic suits paired with loafers! But I guess it depends on the look as a whole, but I DID see some loafer-style heels!

     Last but not least, I saw really pretty PLAYFUL suits too! Gorgeous ruffle elements, paired with a simple skirt, or knee length shorts/pants. I think these are DEFINITELY more my style, but I really loved them best in color! I saw tons in teal, blue, and orange! Sincle ruffles are REALLY much more fun, I think pairing these suits with fun shoes would work very well! Kick boring out, keep fun in!

I absolutely LOVED seeing all the suits, and even though i have a few years to go, they definitely sparked a new though about office style in my head!



  1. So lovely outfit esp those things in pink.

  2. Oh I have been in love with that fabulous pink suit since I first saw the movie! Adore!

  3. Thank you!
    & oh gosh, me too! Its so so so cute!

  4. I like the idea of playing up the suit with a funky pair of platform shoes. Also LOVE loafers.

  5. Thanks! I definitely need a pair of loafers! Theyre on my wishlist now lol

  6. That pink suit is ageless. Love it. I also love your blog.

  7. i love all the shoes!

  8. Thank you so much! & thanks, arent they lovely?

  9. oooo la la ! cute post - love how you spaced out the different types of suits girls can go for :)


  10. I've never seen a pink suits for girls...but I saw one of my office mates wearing pure pink plaid suit when he attend our monthly conference meeting last Tuesday.