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Friday, May 6, 2011

The Breath's Are Harder

NOTE: I actually like this was me in my post-game-win glow :)
I feel like wherever I go, whoever I meet, whatever I do, the breath's are always harder

Lacrosse is officially O-V-E-R! Im gonna miss my team SOOOO very much, but now this means I have LOADS more time to blog! Which, my lovely readers & friends, is my FAVORITE thing to do! But before I continue to pounce on my FAVORITE trends, I decided to bore you with updates of my little life! Haha. Well, for Lacrosse lets see. Hmmmm....I started EVERY game except for 2 and played Defense, & I was basically the go-to girl for defense. That sounds SO cocky, im sorry, but thats what my COACH said! I made SO many amazing friends on the team, adding on to my AWESOME friends whod id known forever who were also on the team!

I have NO idea why, but I never really talk about much personal things on my blog. Is that SAD? I feel like it is. Most of you MAY or MAY NOT know, but I am actually a HIGH SCHOOL FRESHMAN! Born September 28, 1996. AKA my favorite day! Haha. But throughout this year, I have grown SO much! I remember I was an annoying LITTLE pest at the beginning of the year, & i think I STILL retain my pesky qualities these days but I am SO much more aware! Ive learned SADLY that not EVERYONE is a friend, & that not EVERYTHING comes easy. Ive shed SO many tears. Gosh, I feel REALLY ridiculous! Over friends, over boys, over games, EVERYTHING. Its SUCH a revelation, especially with the year ending VERY VERY soon. Personally, I am SO proud of myself! Aside from learning how to be the BIGGER person, Ive had a VERY high GPA all year, AND I was recommended for two VERY honorable scholarships! It really SUCKS that I lost a few friends along the way, but I also gained A LOT of amazing ones.

High School may have shot down my self-esteem sometimes, but TRUST me, those times when you STOP a girl from scoring a goal, something AMAZING happens! For a moment, when you're WHEEZING and cant even breathe right, you feel REALLY REALLY GOOD! Haha. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I do!
I have SOOOO many stories from school, & I REALLY would like to start putting up personal posts too! Heck, I talk so much I might as well! Haha.

P.S I saw that Carly ( aka one of my FAVORITE blogs) wrote a book about her Freshman year in COLLEGE. Ive ALWAYS wanted to write (Dad's a writer, go figure), what do you guys think of me writing a book about my Freshman year in HIGH SCHOOL? I absolutely LOVE giving advice to people, and the book could be a little advice to incoming Freshman, or current Freshman on how to deal? ORRRR just something fun to read? :) I havent STARTED it yet, but I DEFINITELY have the idea!



  1. wow, i have to admit. you sound a lot mature then most freshmen. i'm a writer myself, but books aren't my thing. i can never seem to finish them. however, good luck. id love to read more of your work.

    find me on polyvore :]

  2. Thank you so much! Yeah, I always write poems & short stories and stuff, but ahhh just the phrase writing a book makes me lazy! Haha.

  3. You should start a book, go for it! And cute glasses.

  4. yeee! great idea! write a book!!!!

    xoxo from rome

  5. lovin those shades!
    cute post darling.<3