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Monday, April 11, 2011

One Less Lonely Girl

It is absolutely GORGEOUS out today! Perfect weather, perfect breezes, perfect moods, & PERFECT thinking!
In math class, I saw a girl wearing Nude flats. Ofcourse, the shine and the look was so pretty, and it got me thinking. What would be MY OWN FAVORITE outfit to wear in the breeze? I decided that id deck myself out in sleek flats, a nice long Maxi Skirt, a GORGEOUS sheer blouse, with a smock top to settle it out on top. I'd add on Raybans, and a pretty leather clutch to match.
WHERE would I go, you ask? Hmmm maybe downtown. Grab a bite to eat, maybe watch a movie, walk around and shop? ENDLESS possibilities! 

What would YOU wear on a day like this with LOVELY weather?


(The pictures of that YUMMY cake are by yours truly! The cake is from my sister's birthday dinner, when she turned 19 a few days ago! LOVE YOU BIG SIS!♥)


  1. lovely outfit...thanks for reminding me that i need a maxi skirt for the season! :P
    xx kait

  2. Thanks girl! & yes! Maxi's are a must! Lol

  3. I want that nude maxi skirt!!!