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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Im Diggin Your New Digs

You know what one of my FAVORITE things is? SALES! You probably guessed correctly! Hahaha. Recently, ive been going out and coming back with a bag full of a thing or two, so HERE are some of my newest additions to my closet! I CANNOT wait to wear them all & get it together! Enjoy!

Picture #1: My LOVELY new windbreaker from Lands End! It was only $6, and I LOVE it! Its pretty long, and its just SO comfortable! AND its water resistant! Works for me! 

Picture #2: This is a lace top I got at Sears, and it was only $3! I REALLY like the color, and how simple it is! One of my ideas for an outfit is to wear a Bandeau top under it, the top over, and maybe some cute shorts over, tucking the lace top in. OHHHH the many possibilities of WARM weather that I want!

Picture #3: I absolutely LOVED this skirt from the first time I saw it! The print is absolutely GORGEOUS, and I really like the colors! The length is PERFECT, and I like the elastic waist part! The skirt was about $5.

Picture #4: Oh gosh, words CAN NOT express my love for this top! Its just GORGEOUS! I love the layering, and just the overall look of it! Its a little big on me, but I LOVE it that way! I dont own very many fancy tops, so this is definitely a keeper! Also, I can wear it SO many ways. From situations that arent as fancy (ie: Chipotle lunch date with friends) to super fancy (ie: Wedding Party of Family Dinner out). And, it was only about $6! Thanks Sears!

So, those are some of my new favorite things! I CANNOT wait to get outfits together and post them to show you guys! As usual, ideas are brewing in my head as I type!


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