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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Scarves The Rescue

As we all know, its SPRING! And with Spring comes pretty good weather (unless you're where I am FREEZING!), & LOTS OF PERFECT outfit opportunities! Some days in Spring, its not too cold and not too hot. So what do you wear as an accessory to balance out both? A SCARF!
Ive become an absolute HUGE fan of scarves and Pashminas, and have been trying to build up quite a collection. My favorite kinds of both are the LOUD & BRIGHT ones! Or the ones with th gorgeous PATTERNS and absolutely perfect weaving.
One place that has scarves I really love is H&M. They're all for such good prices, and there's a HUGE variety so you can pick some for EVERY SINGLE mood! Haha.

There's so many ways to wear scarves, like wearing one as a headwrap, around the neck: hanging on each side, around the waist, as a belt, and my favorite AS A WRAP SKIRT! The possibilities are ENDLESS! I think wearing a scarf really opens you up to be CREATIVE, and to experiment with colors & fabrics. Whats better than that?! Here are some of my favorite scarves, styles of wear, & some outfits I really like that are scarf included. Enjoy!

First Outfit: I absolutely love the colors and the pattern of the scarf! I really love the fact that the scarf just POPS out of the whole outfit, then the dark blue and the cream colors come after out in the rest of the outfit. I really like that she just lets the scarf hang, instead of trying too hard to make it show. Love love love!

Second Outfit:  The color of the scarf is VERY subtle, and so the way she pairs it with her other articles of clothes is PERFECT! The neutral color is kind of a pale nude, so it just stands out really nicely. Also, I love the way she wrapped the scarf around her neck and then it droops down to her shoulder. Absolutely LOVE the style!

Third Outfit: OH.MY.GOSH! Her whole outfit is ABSOLUTELY perfect! From the pale see-through skirt, to the JC Litas, to the huge clutch, to the PERFECTLY colorful Pashmina scarf! Its all so great! I love how everything is bright, yet it all stands REALLY well together. I like how she WRAPPED the Pashmina around her neck then let it droop a little.

Fourth Outfit: I really like the grays and blues of the outfit, the scarf included! The pattern of the scarf is REALLY pretty, and I like how she used it as a little bow BELT! Thats really creative, and it all comes out really well! P.S how adorable is her bow headband!

How adorable is she?! Such a fashionable little one :)

Have a good weekend! & watch out for a REALLY good post coming up!


  1. Aww that girl is soo cute, such a little poser...x

  2. I'm such a fan of scarves! i have so many, a lot of them stolen from my grandmother. They are the perfect complement for any season (except when it's too hot on summer of course) and instantly add color and personality to any outfit.

  3. Scarves can be the perfect addition to an outfit. Here it's freezing i nthe spring so I am statuing bundled up! Haha.
    I love the 2nd and 3rd outfit. And that little girl is too cute!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  4. ahhh so sweet! thanks!

    WAAAHH that girl in the last picture, wayyy too cute!