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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

MAKE Them Notice You

Hey everyone! Im REALLY excited about this post, & I REALLY hope you guys enjoy it too! For this post, Id like to share with you my FAVORITE patterns for 2011! Of course there's A LOT more that I really like, but these are just a FEW that I love and picked out.


Glitter (All That Glitters): As most of you have seen in my previous posts, I absolutely am in LOVE with glitter and shimmer! There's just something about it that excites me, and just makes me happy! And also, I personally think it DEFINITELY matches my personality! Im still absolutely OBSESSED with those gold shimmer toms, and hopefully ONE DAY ill get my hands on them! And also, take note of that GORGEOUS black cardigan in the back! I really really like it! And cant forget that EQUALLY pretty little dress!

Cheetah & Leopard Print (Raw-Raw-Riot): I absolutely positively LOVE these two prints! They're gorgeous, and when worn CORRECTLY, come out fantastic! Im not sure what makes me go wild for them. The fact that im from Africa (HAHAHA. Jk), or the fact that there's so many colors and ways to wear them! The oxfords, for example, are one way and I absolutely LOVE them! They are adorable. And I really like that pullover! The fact that its GRAY makes it simple, yet it just stands out really well! And can you NOT love those wedges? Impossible!

Lace (Lace, Lovers, & Flowers): Lace is just GORGEOUS! Its so CLASSY, yet it can be used so many different ways and come out ANY style you want! Some may want to disagree, but I think that lace is VERY versatile! It really depends on the colors, but there's SO many ways you can pair it! Maybe for an elegant out to lunch outfit, or even a FUN party night downtown (All Black Maybe?) I really love the two lace tanktops (especially the dark blue one! yum!), and I also really like the pullover. I love how its lace on the torso part, then the sleeves are just NICE sleek fabric.

Flower Print (Lace, Lovers, & Flowers): I actually only LIKE flower print. Dont necessarily love it as much as the ones above, but ya know. Its STILL quite gorgeous! I REALLY like the flower print Doc Martens, and the canvas oxfords are absolutely GORGEOUS! When I saw them I literally was in AWE! I really like flower print for DRESSES, but my goal for this year is to incorporate it into OTHER articles of wear. Such as shoes, OR maybe even Raybans! Haha.

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this post! And I REALLY hope I gave you some ideas for new patterns to wear this year! I know you all look GORGEOUS either way!

<3 Tariro


  1. Amazing collage, love it! Great blog

    x FashionFifth

  2. Thanks so much!! Same to you!

  3. Your blog is AMAZING and I love your name!

    Emilia xo

  4. Thank you SO much! Checking out yours asap

  5. thanks for the lovely comment! & nice post btw!!

  6. I'm all about leopard! It's my fav and literally graces so many of my clothes and shoes.

  7. Great collage!!

  8. I love lace & floral prints for this Spring. Gorgeous selections!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  9. absolutely love this collage! the glitter and leo print is amazing! great patterns xx

  10. Gosh this is gorgeous, you definitely gave me some ideas! Never thought to pair that floral with animal print... it's perfect.