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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Stars Align For The Precious Goddess

This post & the Polyvore set in it were inspired by the song Starry Eyed
Lately, ive been getting insane inspiration! From songs, from books, from my peers, from everything! We're reading Antigone in school right now, and trust me that has INSANE inspi-rad powers! Ahhhh it feels good to use that word again.
Get ready for more inspiration posts from yours truly.....

Recently, ive falled in love with the sky. Literally! Haha. The colors, the stars, the colors of the stars! The whole shabbang! I think just the thought that theres more than where I am today appeals to me. I really have felt like im stuck......stuck in Maryland.....stuck at home....stuck. Oh well. It'll all work out.
Here's a Polyvore set I made inspired by the stars, & its also for a challenge they have going on right now.

Metallic T-bar flats, $223
Giant Vintage Crystal Cocktail Ring (Clear & Sky Blue), 28 GBP WOW!PAD 7.5" x 8.5" Masters Series Mouse Pad--Starry Night..., $7.99
Bradbury & Bradbury | Damask Wallpapers | Essex, $3
Rub-Ons > Black Lace Borders Rub-Ons by Hambly: A Cherry On Top, $3.99
LAILA Dresses Metallic Blue Strapless Mini Dress - StyleCaster
BCBG MaxAzria Accessories Gunmetal and Pearl Multistrand Bow Pendant...
Starry Night.
Starry Sky
Unghie naturali & trattamento
free Stars Clipart - Stars clipart - Stars graphics - Page 1 the online home of Vogue; Fashion, Fashion Shows, Shopping...
Sick Sad World.
LTC Bodoni Bold Complete Family Pack Font -
Navy Mac Body
Kiss Lining
starry night
stars in the starry sky
Blue Fringe
Blue Mac Strip
Blue Mac Flap
Black Patent Mac Flap
Grey Mac Leather Strap
Gold Chain
Blue Pull Tab
Grid of Gold Mini Circle Studs
Black Patent Tassel
Gold Zipper Pull Left
Gold Individual Circle Stud
Gold Eyelet Studs Row
Large Gold Zipper

The thing I love most about the WHOLE set is the pictures! They're so pretty! Mostly of the stars etc. I really love that skirt too. Its so gorgeous! And those gold ballet flats are just as amazing too! Ive been thinking of getting gold sequin toms. Any thoughts on that? I saw a girl wearing them, and I immediately fell in love with them! Also, I really like the patterns on the lace. Basically, the whole outfit would just represent the sky.

Here's another set with some sky inspired/feel items, and ofcourse the sequin toms!

HOW gorgeous are the bags & the scarfs? They're from Scout and Catalogue. I also really love those earrings! My mom bought a stone like that, and its absolutely amazing! Also, I REALLY want the sequin skirt from J. Crew! Sadly, its really expensive! Ebay? Take note of the blue doc martens. Yum yum!

I hope you all enjoyed the post!
Thanks so much for ALL your comments & for the new followers!
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  1. Your post is lovely!!!))) This blog very interesting dear)))

  2. love your collages!

  3. good luck with the Rebecca Minkoff set!

    ps: awesome new header

  4. Thanks!!
    & Im glad you noticed. Thanks! :)

  5. ooh I like all the spacey-ness, and <3 ellie goulding (if that's the starry eyed you mean)

    anyways love your blog and thanks for the lovely comment

    Sonia // Dozen Dresses xo