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Friday, February 26, 2010

Im back, & all i want is my 80's purple

Hey all! SOOOO, ON FEBRUARY 23 IT WAS MY OFFICIAL ONE YEAR BLOGGIEVERSARY!!!!! Im sorry i didnt post on the exact day, but i was busy & my computer was freaking out! BUT HAPPY BIRTHDAY & 3 DAYS TO MY BABY!

Onto the post, sorry for being absent! Lotsa reasons, but I missed my blog. So, today i finally got a chance to check out the FANTASTIC store 80's purple, and i decided to make a collage with all my favorite products by them. Enjoyyyy!

As you can see, everything that is on here is LISTED BELOW THE COLLAGE! I seriously wish I could afford all of these things! Im currently super in love with slouchy type products! Slouchy tees, dresses, pants, hoodies, etc. Arent they cool?! I think my next outfit post shall feature one. If only I can find a place that has them....

P.S CHECK OUT THESE MAGNETS & PINS I MADE! They are for sale at my store, so PLEASE GO CHECK THEM OUT! If you wanted the same design on like bags or mugs etc, just comment below. I ALWAYS TRY TO MAKE THEM AS CHEAP AS POSSIBLE!




  1. thats so cool i shall check it out :)

  2. Great set! Love the purse. :)

  3. Congrats on your blog anniversary!

  4. HAPPY BLOGGIEVERSARY!! haha! Love the set, very cute.

  5. aw happy birthday to you and your blog!