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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bang! Bang! Clan

Hey all! So sorry for not blogging! I was hella stuck in some SNOW! yes mam. 20 INCHES OF SNOW! But, in the wake of that horrid snow ive got one more day to be joyful. Sadly, that day is filled with English, Math, and History homework that i DID NOT complete! Way to be indie. It was a do nothing weekend!

SECONDLY, I HAVE 2 BIG SURPRISES STILL! but im not sure I can tell you all about ANY of them until its all said and done! So, while you drool over my secrets enjoy this collage i made.
I really want to go shopping RIGHT NOW, but since I cant i can always plan for a trip right? So, i raided forever21's online store and got away with a few fantastic pieces!

I can totally see my style kind of drifting, but its much the same. Here you go! Havent made on in a while, but enjoy!



  1. I really like the red heels! They look really cute + sassy. The beige beanie is also very in right now- I can't really pull it off but there are sooo many girls wearing them!

  2. I remember you asked me about interning . . . I have a new blog and I just did an interview with one of the Girls Life Magazine editors and you should check it out!

  3. your wish list is gooooregous. Stuck in snow... how did you spend your time love?
    oooh, and come enter our newest giveaway...

    lots of San Franciscan love...

    alex and amy @

  4. I love your wishlist!! I guess I am lucky it doesn't snow here...I sometimes wish it did though!