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Friday, December 4, 2009

Miss Manor…..

Hey guys! I promised you an awesome post, and I hope this takes the cakes and leaves no leftovers! Since I want to be a stylist and also a fashion writer in the future, here is my little attempt at another one of those “make your own” outfit posts. Enjoy and DON’T FORGET TO COMMENT!

From wellies to cardies & scarfs, being Miss Manor isn’t much of a bad thing. When its cold and snowy, you’re warm and pretty. Miss Manor being style and grace in this cold cold weather. Here is a collage with the basic breakdown of today’s post:

To begin your fantastic first ensemble, take out those heavy boots that you only wear in extreme but fashionable weather. Those are like a basic necessity for outfits like these. Another need is some thermal leggings. They’re really warm and come in a gazillion colors! Pair that with an adorable shiny skirt. Ive seen an EXACT match at forever21! Now, for those turtlenecks your mom bought but you refused to use, get em put that closet! Pull it on and ontop put on a nice vest. Add a pin for pizzazz, and you’re almost done. Get on your favorite plaid scarf, wrap it around your neck, and off you’re ready to go. Slip on some bracelets to shine on then hop out the door. Officially, Miss Manor.

For your second Miss Manorley outfit, take out your thermal leggings and ontop put on a pretty white dress. Any store has those! Borrow one of mom’s bags and add on your favorite shiny pin. Ontop of your dress, I recommend wearing a nice warm cardigan. Neutral colors work best to work with the white. Grab on that big vest coat, and tie it all together with an awesome leather belt. Now for the best part, put on a colorful & decorative scarf! Itll add just enough color to the outfit. Put on some earrings and jewelry, then you’re ready to hit the streets. Wear whatever shoes you’d like, but I recommend boots. They’ll look cute and you’ll stay warm.

I hope those outfit ideas helped enough! It’d be lovely to be Miss Manor wouldn’t it? Haha. Don’t forget to comment and say how I did!

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With love, Tariro. For today, call me Miss Manor. I swear its an obsession.


  1. This fashion spread is one of my favorites! I wish it was cold enough here to wear it.
    Great Post!

  2. WOW! Miss Manor, this is solely a FAB spread and great post!:)