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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Last High

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posting. I promise to pick up and stop being lazy lol. So, alot of you all know I wanna be a creative director & graphic designer when I grow up. So, during news team meeting ive been using Adobe Fireworks to randy up some pics. Ive retouched skin, blurred a little, added brushes, etc.
The first 2 are my faves! What do you think? More coming soon!


  1. LOVE the editing of these photos!
    Especially the 2nd one down, but they all look so cool!
    Keep on editing and uploading I would love to see more ;)
    And that photo of Chanel is beautiful, she is truly stunning!

  2. woah great editing!! the first two are definately my favorites too :)

  3. Love these, ohhhh your going to be sooooooooooo good at this haha :)

  4. Chica you are so talented!!! The first two are my favorite as well! :)

    Oh, btw I read your "mean girls" post, and I just want to say: ignore them! We can never control other people's mouth and all the bull that comes out from em, but what we can do is control our own and make sure that it's not on the same low level as theirs :)


  5. very good editing:D
    these pictures are really nice:D