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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Just think, wouldnt i look lovely


Sorry for my lack of updates! Ive been sooo busy! I hate algebra! But guess what? Im going caving with my youth group! Im super excited!

Ok so, a while ago, i went shopping with like the little bit id saved. Lol. But this is what i bought:

I love this soo much! And the color is purty! Outfits with this coming soon!

I love this tank thingie sooo much! And the color is purty! Outfits with this coming soon! And the lotion smells really good!

Yeah not much shopping. Sorry but im going shopping next week or really soon. Besides, i love my closet kinda. lol

Anyhow, my post is not all about my lotion and beyond shopping, or how sensetionaly soft my skin is. Even though i wish it was all about that. But i do have to entertain you someday. So today is it.
IM HAVING A CONTEST! There is no prize set yet, so please when you post your entry info, post prize ideas! Im kinda making it all about the people. Remember, i AM 12 year old girl. Not a 23 year old Elle fashionista. lol

In this contest you my dear readers, must do your best to re-create any outfit on the image pictured below. Pick one outfit and try your BEST to recreate it. Remember, creativity is key. A DIY goes a long way. Vintage makes us all pay[i have no idea. but thats a good thing. i think]. And beyond that makes me feel special to see it. TRY YOUR BEST! The 2 best recreations will win! Please enter you guys! Make me feel better, because i really like seeing your outfits.

Oh and SURE you can post your entry on your blahg.

Please reply to my post with the following: Name, Outfit you are remaking, the prize idea, and if you're excited

Por favor pick an outfit from this page, recreate it, and cross your fingers

thanks soo much in advance! AND PLEASE ENTER! lol. ok. well bye!


  1. the color of that tank is so perfect! :)

  2. i think thats a really good idea for a contestt :) im defiantely going to enter hehe and nice blog! xo

  3. Thanks! woop woop. Proof that i am NOT en entire failure. now for algebra

  4. yes!


    the crumpet girls

  5. Ill take that as a enthusiastic yes ill enter! lol

  6. i'm definitely entering :)
    thanks for your comment!
    x x x x x

  7. yayyyyyy
    Im so happy. happy. happy.
    Ur welcome

  8. in regards to your question, ive never actually sold any online yet.. so i wouldnt really now where to begin.. but maybe thats a possibility!!

  9. oooh i wanna see that bleached jeans!!
    i love the tank!

  10. Hey thank you for coment baby!
    Oh I love that contest! But I have one question, I have to choose my clothing based in one the photo, get dressed and take pictures or can I just make a Polyvore set in or create an image in any image editor? Give me more details maybe I participate! I love competitions! lol

    You're a lovely girl!
    I hope your answer!
    XOXO Jamily.

  11. yeah you have to be wearing the clothes.

  12. And remember, creativity is key. So, your outfit may not seem fun at first but if you're creative with it then its all good

  13. okay, I may be totally late for this but I really hope I'm not!

    anyway, here's my entry. It's not exactly like the picture, actually it's pretty different! But oh well, it's more wearable for me :D

    Name: Rachel

    Outfit: (not really the outfit, but you can see the shirt more :))

    idea for prize: I'd love to be featured on your blog, just to promote my blog loads. Like, a post to feature the winner, and also an advert at the side of your blog for the winner's blog?!

    am I excited: YEAH!



  14. oh yeah, and I'm wearing a primark skirt, vintage shirt, organic top, vintage shoes, DIY headband and my grandmother's watch!

    and this is my re-creation of the 5th outfit