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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Band of Outsiders

One thing that I've never lost throughout blogging and aging (i'm hitting the big ones) is my LOVE and ADORATION for Free People! For some reason, their catalogs randomly stopped getting delivered to my house....... of course i re-signed up my address, but going through a Free People-less period for me was basically going through a time without my main source of inspiration.

Free People's catalogs always have these beautiful ensembles, and they come out perfectly! Its this effortless cool, and I think really thats a lot of people's biggest fashion goal. To become cool, without looking like you're trying too hard. So here are a few images from some of their recent catalogs, and I hope they inspire you too! (Just you watch, i'll be working for them one day!) 

(all images from Free People)


  1. I too love Free People and I can always find inspiration in their catalogs and lookbooks. It's funny that we both want to work there someday! wouldn't that be cool if 10-20 years from now we both end up working there together and we'll say "hey you're the girl from Savile" or "you're from Amanda's Garden!" ha ha.


  2. Exactly! Ahhh that would be SOOOO cool!!