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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Colorblocking & Stacking

Snaps for a creative title! Lol. But this post is for TWO trends I may have missed out on blogging about! Colorblocking and Stacking! Now, colorblocking I think we could get. But stacking? Some of you may wonder. Stacking is wearing arm candy on your wrist and looking AMAZING while doing so! No, not arm candy as in hot-male-model. Arm candy as in pretty bracelets, bulky ropes, etc. Whatever floats boats! Enjoy this post! Its my little breath of fresh air.

(Images of stacks are from Style Scrapbook)

I absolutely LOVE stacks! I did a few of my own with bracelets and watches and such, and I really have NO idea why I didnt post them up! Shame shame. But basically, I love BRIGHT and BOLD stacks! Ones that pop. Now, people have DIFFERENT versions of their own! For me, I figure there's 3 steps to making the perfect stack. Step 1: A few bangles or chain bracelets. For a classy touch, ya know? Step 2: Friendship bracelets! I LOVE FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS! They define a whole year of bff-ism, and theyre absolutely cute! For the classy stack, you can just wear a simple ALL BLACK bracelet. Or non at all.... Step 3: A watch. I usually go for a colorful watch, depending on the day. If you want a classier stack, then you can just wear a GOLD or SILVER watch. And THAT, my friends is the trend I MIGHT have missed.

Blocked Away

I guess some people might not know what colorblocking is, which is ABSOLUTELY fine. Well, colorblocking is wearing an outfit pieced together with ITEMS OF SOLID COLORS. They may COMPLIMENT each other, or they may CLASH! Either way, its an AMAZING trend! The colors dont really HAVE to be neon or any color, but I really love those colors BEST! I think its an awesome trend! I usually think of sticking to 3 colors in worry of BLINDING someone, lol but you can do anything! Makes you pop out of the crowd, and DEFINITELY something you could wear out and show your FUN side! I definitely want to keep it alive for summer! There is NO rest in my styling this summer!

I hope you guys enjoyed this little post on two trends! I have a REALLY great post coming up, but its a surprise so im not telling! ;)



  1. What a great informative post! Lovely blog and thank you for your post comment doll :)

  2. your blog inspires me!
    Thanks for your comment...i follow you if you want you can follow me!!

    kisses from spain

  3. Thank you SO much! I really like yours!

  4. great post, your blog is very interesting))

  5. I love this post! You are so creative!


  6. Really like this collage!
    The first pic from the top is so beautiful!

  7. Thanks! & all credit goes to Andy for the picture! I love it!

  8. I am so terrible with color blocking! I like it but I can't seem to get the hang of it. I do love stacking though! :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  9. Thanks Chelsea! & awww I bet you're great at it! Stacking is fun! lol

  10. I am not to found for the colorblocking trend. But i LOVE stacking bracelets! to bad my wrists are so tiny I can barely find a bracelet that doesn't constantly slip of my arm... x

  11. Awww haha. Stacking is tons of fun!