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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Water For Elephants

I am DYING to see the movie Water For Elephants! No, not for R-Patz, but for Reese Witherspoon and because it just looks like an AMAZING movie! Im a sucker for love stories, without vampires too, so this movie will be PERFECT for me to see! I REALLY hope I get a chance to watch it this weekend, but if not I guess ill live :( haha.
One of my friends is reading the book, and I decided to take THAT lead and read it too! So soon ill be in the library trolling for a copy!

Anyways, today is GORGEOUS! Im finally home from practice, and I decided to do another "What-Id-Wear-Today" styling post. Now granted, I actually wore something nice for this weather yesterday and pics will be up VERY soon, but these posts are SO fun for me! So, I decided to make a Polyvore set to illustrate my WEARabouts ;)

I decided to style something semi-simple for the day. First, There's that PERFECT Bandeau Bikini Top! Thats what inspired the title, amongst other things. I love the little tusk zipper! SO cute! Next up is the Alexander Wang silk tank, which I would ONLY button the last 3 or 4 buttons so the bandeau top could show. I added in some really nice acid wash shorts, and GORGEOUS platform heels! And last but NEVER least, a really PRETTY crystal headband, a nice leather bag, and glasses (I wear glasses, so I figured it'd work).

I hope you guys liked my outfit styling choice! Id REALLY love to know what you wore, so leave a comment if you please!


P.S Here is the song Cosmic Love by Florence + The Machine, which was in the main trailer for the movie! This song is AMAZING! So peaceful & so perfect!


  1. The movie looks very promising, I'm looking forward to watch it too!

  2. @Steffy: Thanks!
    @Flora: Me too!

  3. i cant wait to see the movie too! :D

  4. Great set!

  5. I am so excited to see that movie too:) Can't hardly wait! The outfit is just gorgeous, I just love the shoes!!! Great blog, I am now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


  6. @Rebecca: Me too!!
    @T: Thanks!
    @Annabelle Fleur: Thank you so much!

  7. Your blog is amazing, I LOVE IT!


  8. Love those shoes!

  9. @Emilia Marie: Thank you SO much!
    @Maya: Thanks! Me too!

  10. Seriously love that tank top with the high neck and buttons. So sweet. xx

  11. Im hopefully going to go see this next week i love Reese Witherspoon.