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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Every Summer, We Go Forth

While I try to understand a few things that are bugging me and attempt to kill a bad day, I hope you guys enjoy these videos from GANT Rugger. Ive never seen such an amazing men's line, with such a GREAT way of showing off their products! Male Models + Good Clothing = HAPPY TARIRO! Just listening to the soothing music helps a lot, and the guys arent so bad either. This is one of those things I REALLY love to share.

Songs Are: Every Summer, Vacation Vacation, & Equestrian by the AWESOME band U.S Royalty!

The second one is my ABSOLUTE favorite! GANT has done such a great job of showing off its vision, & showing off a simple yet perfect lifestyle.

I first heard U.S Royalty's music when I saw the first video above, & have fallen in love with it ever since! Its so calming, and when you listen closely you can tell is has MEANING and FEELING! Something that sometimes lacks in some of the new music today. I might get a chance to see them in the coming weeks, so fingers crossed! Their new album "Mirrors" just came out, so click here to listen & hopefully purchase.

I hope you guys have a fantastic Saturday, & look out for tommorow's HYPE!


  1. Awesome videos, thanks for sharing!

    The Flower Girl


  2. What a beautiful line! Such great mens clothing!! I love the entire video :)

  3. Right?! They're just perfect! Haha. Thanks for visiting!

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