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Friday, October 1, 2010

Christian Cota's What Im Lovin!

Check out these amazing pieces from the Christian Cota Spring 2011 collection! I was just going through a blog & i saw these pictures, so i was like WELL, i definitely have to share!
I love how flowy everything is, & how the colors are so basic yet so beautiful! If i had to pick one collection of looks that would define my style as of now, this would be it! The colors are so simple yet exquisite, & everything just goes together so well! The shapes are great, the fit is perfect, & i could definitely see lots of girls walking around in this collection! If i could, i think i would definitely wear all this to school everyday. I think id make the best dressed list! Nbd.
Take note of what styles appear the most in the collection: Metallics(Love!), Preppy, Sheer, Ruffles, & Prints(Gorgeous!)

 I love all these! Check out the balance of ruffles & sheer, and the beautiful shaping! The first look reminds me of an effortless morning errand look, which could even be turned into an amazing dress for a party at night! The second look would be something id want to wear to lunch out with my friends, and the third one would definitely be a go-to look for me for dinner.
Here, you can still see all the styles in this perfect collection! I love the first outfit's colors & the prints, the outerwear in the second one is amazing, & the third one leaves me speechless!


  1. I feel like basic yet beautiful colors have been sought after since the whole pastel craze, and Christian Cota does it well! If you like those colors though, you should also check out Ralph Lauren's new collection.
    xo, Alexi
    at DGandA

  2. I definitely agree! I think most designers saw them as more functional than pastels, because more people were open to them.
    Thanks! :)

  3. omg! i love this collection! so girly!
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  4. Oooh, some of these are divine, thanks for posting them!

    Sending you a smile,

  5. I love Christian Cota. He has great pieces! :)