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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Children Of The Free est. 1996

Firstly, let me just say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who's been reading or following my blog! You guys make my day EVERY SINGLE DAY, & you make blogging so much more worth it! Thanks to you, my dreams are coming true! At 14, i can say that i am doing EXACTLY what i want to do, while still passing Algebra 2. Which by the way, I highly dislike ;)

Onto today's post, for those of you who havent been reading my blog for a long time, you might not know my DREAM THING-I-WANT-TO-HAPPEN. What is that, you may ask? To model for Free People! I would DIE if i ever got to model for them! I always daydream that they'd start a new line, & id be one of the models chosen! And they'd braid my hair all pretty and we'd shoot  by a lake! As you can see, im a day dreamer. BUT, do not fear! I will NEVER give up on that dream! Haha. & thanks to the 3 AMAZING bloggers featured in their recent catalog, one of which is Natalie Suarez who is one of my very close blogger friends & such a great person all around, i can just feel it in my veins! Haha.
Here are some of my FAVORITE Free People items. This is basically my wishlist from FP for now.
P.S if anyone who works at Free People reads this, you know where to find me ;)

Most Notable: Flower Wedges(Im in love with flower print!), Varsity Pullover(I saw this in the October Catalog, & i almost died! Its GORGEOUS! Definitely something i want to buy, 4 Row Belt(I just plain love it!)
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  1. Wow, u're awesome! I don't think I could've balanced a blog and Algebra II when I was ur age. You have some great time management skills:) Btw, I wasn't a fan of Algebra either lol I hope ur Free People modeling dreams will come true! They do have such amazing catalogs and I agree, the three bloggers look great!

  2. Thank you!! I try my best! Haha. I really dont like math at all, especially when i dont understand it! Haha. I prefer English.
    & thanks! Ill keep my fingers crossed till they do.

  3. do you know natalie suarez? she just shot the free people catalogue for october. if you visited her blog i'm sure she would be happy to share her experiences with you; she's such a cool gal.

  4. Wow!! That's such a cool coincidence! Natalie happens to be one of my really good blog friends! She really is awesome :)

  5. love that grey v-neck sweater! :)