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Monday, July 26, 2010

Interview with Jenna @ New York Design Shop part 2

6. For your personal style, where do you get your inspiration from & what looks are most common in your outfits?

- My inspiration is a mix between NY Street Style & whatever is comfortable (although I make exceptions for shoes!) For Spring/Summer I?m all about the rompers, however my go to look for summer is definitely cut off shorts, a loose white tee/tank, some nice wedges and a straw fedora. I think I?ve been rocking this look for about 5 years now. With this look, updating it is all about accessories! This Summer I?ve added the Jeffrey Campbell Charli clogs to my look which is SO fun (& loud) and a pair of cat eyed YSL Sunglasses.
I?m also obsessed with a nice pair of leather boots and a beautiful sweater for Fall. I love loose knits with tight jeans.
It?s funny because everyday when I come into the office there are a few people who begin by saying, ?Good Morning Jenna, come here let me see what you?re wearing.? It?s turned into a game. They love making fun of my extreme heels & wedges!

7. Whats your typical day like?

-A typical day consists of the following:
AM: Arrive at work at 9:30. Drink LOTS of coffee. Read WWD while checking e-mails and tweeting. Depending on what we have going on I?ll either work with the designers on DIY projects, or look into new product for the shop.
Later: Editing DIY videos, photos and blogging!

8. What advice do you have to anyone who wants to start their own store, & if you could do anything differently what would you do?

- My advice would be to work in a retail store in high school to start. I worked for an amazing shop for 3 years when I was young, and I learned so much about sales and customer relations. Then, do an internship if you?re interested in anything online. An online shop is COMPLETELY different than a retail store. An internship in any area of fashion will help SO much. I did about 4 internships before graduating from college.
- If I could do something differently, I would have made sure to know photoshop & illustrator BEFORE beginning this start up. I learned it along the way which was nice, but it would definitely pay off to have more experience.

9. Whats the biggest fashion faux pas you've ever had or seen?

- I wore a light pink crushed velvet dress to a huge family event in the 1995, with a built in lace choker. It was 2 sizes two big and a total disaster. My family and friends will never let me live it down.

Thats part 2! Thanks so much Jenna for doing the interview & enjoy everyone!


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