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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Interview: Caylee of If You Seek Style

Hey everyone! A while ago, while doing my daily blog-around i stumbled upon an AMAZING blog! So, i decided i HAD to interview the fabulous owner & also show you guys her blog! Here is my interview with Caylee, fashionable owner of If You Seek Style!

1) Can you tell me a little about yourself?
my name is caylee, i'm 23 years old, and i'm a recent college grad (my degree's in business management and marketing) living in indianapolis and working at H&M. in my free time i love hanging out with my boyfriend, spoiling my kitten, going out to dinner, watching movies/tv, and of course blogging and following other fashion blogs.

2) How would you describe your personal style, & how would your friends describe it?
i'd say my personal style is simple, comfortable, edgy, a little tomboy, and a little feminine. i wear a lot of neutral colors and outfits that show off my legs. and i'm not sure about my friends - i'm the only one in my group of friends that is really interested in fashion, so they'd probably just describe me as "stylish", haha.

3) Whats the first thing you look for when you go shopping?
the first thing i look for are jackets/outerwear, and then shoes and jewelry - i think those are the three things that can make an outfit and they happen to be my go-to's when i'm getting dressed, so i'm always looking for a new blazer or pair of boots.

4) What bloggers have a style you admire?
swedish bloggers caroline blomst from and elin kling from are my absolute favorites.

5) What genre of music best represents you & your style sort of as one? (alternative,rock,etc...)
i love all types of rock music, especially hard rock, and it definitely has a influence on my style and what i choose to wear.

6) Is there one trend you can't stand?

logo bags and purses like the coach brand ones with the c's all over it - everyone in indianapolis has one, and i'm sorry, but they are not cute at all (probably for that exact reason too - everyone has one).

7) Are there any stores you can recommend that are sort of like hidden gems?
eBay! it's not really a hidden gem, as it's a huge site for shopping, but if you're willing to spend the time searching, you can find pieces that have already sold out of stores or are from a past season, great used/vintage pieces, and discounted items from your favorite brands.

8) Whats in store for you in the summer?
i'll be working hard and playing hard. i can't wait to attend all of my favorite rock festivals in indianapolis!

I hope yall enjoyed it! I feel like im getting better at them!



  1. I just checked out her blog and will tune in to what she posts in the future.

    PS Thank you so so much for commenting on my blog. Hope you come back!

  2. So cool that you do your own interviews! Love this one :)

  3. I agree on the ebay part!
    And love the photo!

  4. I adore her blog and her style!! I really enjoyed reading her interview! xoxoxoxoo

  5. great interview! She has impeccable style!! I totally agree about ebay too!xxx

  6. Hi! I haven't talked to you in forever! haha. :P
    Love her style. Great interview also! :)