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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Breakdown 2010

Hey everyone! Im backkk. Spring break starts on Monday so im gonna be on more. I shall be the next whateverfamousbloggerpersonwhois13andhasnojobbutstilllovesfashionandshopping person. TRY READING THAT! Lmfao.
Firstally, id like to gloat. Id like to gloat and say that the lovely ladies of Stylestalker commented on my last post. I was like half asleep but TRUST me i was like having a fish moment. The whole inhale omg exhale whaaaaa?! thing. You get me?

Secondaly, here's today's post. I chose 7 things id like to have for spring. Or atleast something LIKE these 7. You know. The whole minimum wage fashionista thing going onn. Here's my reasons of picking:

Ok let me just say I LOVE THIS DRESS! how cool is it? I love how the chains hang on the front and the shoulders are like padded i think. Or atleast have that Army look to them. I love the length too! This dress is wearable anywhere!

Forever 21 White Skirt:
This skirt is so pretty! Ive been dying for one of these type of skirts so whenever i get some moneyzzz ill go down to Forever 21 and slurgeee. Then buy myself a chocolate bar :)

Topshop Flower Jeans: OMG! GIMME! NOW! WANT! NEED! GAHH! They're like 90 bucks though! But arent they gorgeous! I love the pattern and the fact that they're skinny jeans too! I might wait till they're on sale to get them ;)

Topshop Bonjour Bodysuit: I really love this bodysuit! The color is really pretty and a little french doesnt hurt right? Lol. Im really starting to like bodysuits! Maybe ill start my own line of bodysuits. How do you say body in french?

Abercrombie & Fitch Swimsuit: As we all know, swimwear is cheaper before the actual summer season. Ive had my eyes on this swimsuit for a while now! As a growing and maturing future freshman, i have decided a one piece is the right way to turn my swag on. Oh who am I kidding? I JUST LOVE THE EFFING SWIMSUIT! lol.

Topshop Cage Shoes: I forgot the actual name but i love these shoes! I swear i saw a nude colored pair, but these are justtt right! Man. I wish I had these! Id wear them around and act all parisian like. Lmfao. Oui Oui! I think thats all the french i know...

Forever 21 Overalls: I love overalls! There's something about them I just find lovely. Maybe its because the people in the video for Come On Eileen had them on? Idk. These are perfect for me! I love how they're like short and sweet but still make a statement! The color doesnt kill either! I think I might actually get them!



  1. I SO have my eye on those floral jeans as well - great picks!

  2. love this list! such cute picks. (:

  3. Such a cute list! I love that you explained each of your picks; it's so nice to hear the thought behind the opinions! I really like the chained shoulder dress and the floral jeans. Very fresh for spring!


  4. I want some floral jeans as well. Or at least some floral leggings for spring. I think I might go down to H&M and splurge on a pair I've been eyeing for some time.