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Monday, February 1, 2010

Lipstickstains Of Coffee

Hey guys! Oh how ive missed blogging! So, ive come up with a genius idea! A WEEKLY(mostly on mondays) POST! Basically, im going to start posting atleast 2 times a week now, but this post is just to round up what i wore last week, talk about a gazillion stuff, and just for the sake of posting. Hence the lipstain on whatever coffee cup or tea cup ive been having.

So, today's lipstickstain is something about my future. Ive noticed that I take pictures, but i end up posting outfits. I really think thats my thing now! I COULD BE A STYLIST! I dont know about you guys, but i feel like im pretty good at making outfits! Dont get me wrong, i LOVE taking pictures of myself! Lol. But idk, theres just something about it. Maybe its because I lack in clothing that i want to wear alot, so i decide to style it myself? Please leave your lovely thoughts & comments.

Secondly, I really want tips about where to take pictures and how etc. Im getting into photography now, and i want my pictures to look fantastical! It'd be great if yall could give me them by lets say....Friday or Saturday? Im not sure yet. Thanks again!

P.S just to make you wait, I have 2 pretty cool things going for me right now. I just dont wanna tell you because ive decided to be an evil little style monster. I like that! Woopty woopty. Dinner time.

Yours Truly,


  1. Yay, I'm excited for your posts. You should post some of your other photos as well. :)

  2. Thats good that you're considering a career as a styllist- you should definitely explore that passion!

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