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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Interview: Natalie Off Duty


Onto the post. Now, models off duty are fabulous! But Natalie off duty? Even better! I got the amazing opportunity to interview her, and it was really fun! If you havent been on her blog, im guessing you've been living under a very shiny Marc Jacobs rock, or maybe you're just.....idk. Anyways, Natalie is a model, blogger, and fashionista. Her outfits are amazing, and they just make you wanna shop! Very good for your health. Haha. I hope you guys enjoy the interview! I tried to ask good questions.:

How did you get into modeling? And whats your favorite part about it?
I just walked into an agency and was signed on the spot. My favorite part about it would be working with a lot of cool, creative people and getting to wear beautiful clothes!

What cant you live without right now?(clothes,shoes,jewelry..etc)
I can't live without my pairs of black bootie heels. They are so comfortable and I wear them almost everyday. Also, I wear my silver rings and studded bracelet everyday.

What inspires your fashion sense and how would you describe it?
I'm inspired by so many things. Magazine editorials, models I see around town, celebrities, and musicians. I would describe my style as edgy. I always mix feminine pieces with a little bit of grunge thrown in. I'm never one look.

What would your dream closet consist of?
My dream closet would consist of mostly vintage, so that I never have to worry about wearing the same thing as somebody else. But I'd also have pieces from my favorite designers thrown in (Alexander Wang, Chloe, and Miu Miu)

What do you think of 2009 in your life and what do you look forward to in 2010?
I really enjoyed 2009. I feel I've really grown up, and accomplished a lot. I've really tried to just take it easy day by day, and live in the present. That has helped me really enjoy the year and be happy. I think I have a better sense of self now. I am looking forward to my travels in 2010, I'm going to Malaysia and Singapore again next month and I cannot wait. I know a lot more adventures and opportunities are ahead.

What are you fashion pet-peeves?
Hmm, I'm not too sure. Well, I don't like when people express themselves differently from who they really are with clothing. It shows, and I think people shouldn't copy what others are wearing to fit in, but find pieces that work for them, and go with it.

I saw you went to the young hollywood party, how was it?
It was really fun! I got to see some of my good model friends walk the Teen Vogue runway. It was actually a lot of fun just watching the show instead of being in it. Though I do love the atmosphere of walking the catwalk! There was a lot of dancing involved at the party and a few celebrity sightings. A very fun night out with friends.

What do you do in your spare time?
In my spare time, I like to sing, play my guitar and piano. Just lounge around in the sun and read a book. Really relaxing stuff. Riding my bike is also something I try to fit into my schedule when I have the time.

What advice do you give to people who want to model or just be stylish?
To model, you should meet up with agenices until you find the one that is suitable for your look and needs. To be stylish? Just be yourself. It's important to be comfortable in your own skin and what you are wearing.

What is your definition of fashion?
I say fashion helps express who you really are as well as allowing the beauty of the person to shine through, when done correctly!

I hope you all enjoyed that interview! xoxo


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