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Thursday, July 16, 2009

The new and improved Urban Decay

THANKS SOO MUCH FOR THE COMMENTS ON THE LAST POST! They inspired me to make this new one. Im dedicating this one to Tori @ Notorious Fashion cause the girl makes Free People look amazing! And she recreates outfits soo well! PLEASE COMMENT ON THIS ONE TOO! IT TOOK ME A WHILE TO DO THE WHOLE THING!

OUTFIT ONE: Ok as you can see, she's wearing a leather jacket. Check out urban outfitters. Under that try wearing a peach colored t-shirt and then ontop of that but UNDER the jacket is a multi-colored scarf! wear that UNDER the jacket! Then, check forever21 or delias for a lightwash destroyed/ripped skirt! Also, check stores like forever 21 for those shoes that are like sandals or something like those. Gladiators would add a personal tough to the outfit. On her leg she is wearing friendship bracelets so you can make those.

SECOND OUTFIT: She is wearing a green button cardigan. you can try a light jacket. Target might have that. Or try forever 21 or urban outfitters. Now, the best part is her dress! Its a lace white dress! Check forever 21 or urban outffiters! She is also wearing white platform shoes/sandals. Target and shoe stores are the best bets for those. The necklace she is wearing is really cool! Check forever 21 for a circle chain necklace with a cool little charm on it. She is also wearing a friendship bracelet on her foot.

THIRD OUTFIT: She is wearing a white shirt with a cool image on it. Look at forever21 or wetseal for that. Also, she has on white capri pants. Id check urban outfitters or target. Im kinda sure forever21 might have those. She's wearing beaded friendship bracelets that'd be an awesome DIY. The necklace can be found at forever21 or somewhere like that.

FOURTH OUTFIT: Under her top she's wearing a gray tight t-shirt. Ontop, she is wearing a soft peach shirt with text on it. Id just find a peach t-shirt with white text on it. The skirt is a flowery white skirt. Forever21 has amazing skirts! She has a brown leather shoulder bag. Forever21 and urban outfitters has those. Love the friendship bracelets! I need some. She also has a cool necklace. Forever21 is your cool place for those.

FIFTH OUTFIT: First, try finding an off gray tank top. On top, there is a flowery belly shirt. There are alot of places to find those. She's also wearing lightwash capri pants. Target and urban outfitters might have those. I love her gray socks with the white lace ontop. So cute! Forever21 might have ones kinda like those. Finally, she has on these cool ubber awesome hiking/walking boots. They're brown! Urban Outfitters is the best bet for those.

SIXTH OUTFIT: She has on a pretty flowery scarf. Forever21 has great scarfs! I love her light trenchcoat! Check urban outfitters for that! She has on a white top with blue designs. Delias, forever21, and stores like that have great tops! She also has great blue jeans on. Check out forever21 for those! The hobo patchwork bag is really pretty! Delias has really nice bags.

SEVENTH OUTFIT: As you can see, she has on the same trenchcoat/jacket as above. She also has really nice jeans!

EIGHT OUTFIT: She has a dark wash denim tuxedo type jacket on. Check Urban Outfitters for that. She also has on a flowery dress. Forever21 has great dresses and so does Delias. She has a shoulder bag on thats red. Forever 21 has those too.

NINTH OUTFIT: She has on a gray cardigan/jacket. Delias has really ones. She has on a white tanktop with a cool blue design. Delias also has those too. Then she has on gray lightwash jeans. Id check forever21 for those. The sunglasses can be found at Forever21 and so can earrings like the ones she's wearing.

TENTH OUTFIT: On her neck, she has a peach and white flowy scarf. Forever21 has good scarfs. She has on a white cami, which can also be found at forever21. An awesome belt like the one she has can be found at Urban Outfitters. She also has a long white skirt thats really pretty! You can find one at Delias. Last but not least, she has gladiator type sandals that can be found at forever21. Ohh and she also has pretty semi-hoop earrings on that can be found pretty much anywhere.



  1. i love love love the outfit with the white dress.

  2. fabulous outfit and style!

  3. Hi hi, I said I would return the favor if you left me a comment. Okay, well I wanted to say thank you first of all. And you know what? You ARE worth it. Everyone IS. Okay, and now where do I start? First off, you have amazing style. Second you're so sweet. Third you make ridiculously cool Polyvore sets, and fourth, I believe you'd make an AMAZING model. It takes one to know one right? ;) Haha.

  4. Thanks!!!!! If i ever become such a big model me and you are hitting the NY streets to BARGAIN SHOP! And splurge. lol

  5. Hi! Thanks for dedicating this too me!! =)