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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

You're an instrumental and im the whole song; we just dont belong

Ooooeeee i made that up right now. Ok well im sooo sorry i havent updated. My comp crashed again so baby's gotta use the laptop. Great thing we have 2 otherwise id be done. Okidoki i still have my awesome post planned! Expect it on Thursday! I have a HUGE surprise. Or its huge for me. Okidoki well the main idea of the post is to say I'VE BEEN FEATURED IN MY FIRST BIG THING! Ok well so its for polyvore. Its still pretty cool to be picked to be on there.


When a user on polyvore mailed me, i almost freaked out and almost fainted. Then i contained myself. Then i decided to post it on here. Maybe one day ill be featured with my outfit too. So, a polyvore set and my outfit.

Okidoki so i made another polyvore set AND IT COMES WITH A POEM! This time i decided to try writing with a guy's point of view. So its an unnamed dude's point of view written by a girl. im confused now. lol. enjoy loves

When I was 12 i met a girl
She was a dreamer, a believer
Her favorite magazine was Nylon
And fashion was her life

She came to every one of my band rehersals
And sneaked out to all the gigs
She managed the 0 money we had
And gave me hope

Down by the lakeWhen we were 16
I told her how i was scared
How i wasnt good enough"What if i turn 35 and im in an office job?"

She looked me dead in the eye
And said "Its never too late to be a rock star"

4 years ago we moved to New York together
1 year ago was the last i saw her
Yesterday I saw her in a magazine
A model and a designer
Today she called meSaddened and confused
She said "I like miss you...and stuff..."

She told me she plays guitar now
And how she knows all about my bad boy style
How she still loves chocolate ice cream
And how she still goes to the coffe shop downtown
In hopes of seeing me there
Famous and in another affair

Tonight we'll meet up
At the coffe shop
And talk about how we've been
She'll be the girl in the cream colored scarf
And the black grunge sneakers

Im glad she called
She'll always be my best friend
And maybe tonight,ill remember to tell her
Stacy, I love you.......



  1. awww thanks for that!!
    and i lovee taht poem!so sweet:)

  2. i love nylon too :)

    the crumpet girls

  3. cool poem! It's really sweet! would probably make a hot song if it were put to music :)
    you make awesome polyvore sets! better than I ever could!

  4. that poem is super-sweet!