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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

take my pretty picture; sell it for a fixture

Ello. Ok so im posting all this today because tomorrow i dont know why and Friday im going rollerskating, so prepare for me whining about my pain. Lol

Anways, without further waiting ill tell you what my post is about. Today, my post is about all my favorite abritish vogue covers and a few covers of Paris Vogue i find utterly kewl. Why british vogue? Because my aunt from london sent me cover posters and this is my tribute to her.

Also, i must tell you about my plan for saturday. This Saturday, i plan on going to the library with some starbucks coffee in hand and reading ever issue of harper's bazaar I cant find. Maybe not reading it but more like flipping through and seeing my favorite covers and pics. Plus, im finally gonna get off my lazy bum and install the scanner so i can scan for you lovely people my favorite editorials. I give you fair warning, i get scan crazy! Enjoi! I suggest you sit back, relax, and get ready for my favorites!
cover scans from
But the rigorous work of picking and finding by me

This is so nice! Its calm yet colorful!

Me loves Agyness! She's my hero!
I love how the necklace adds a color POP

Gemma oh Gemma. This reminds me off like if you meet a beautiful girl in a pink prom gown in the middle of a jungle. Idk why so graceful

Ok she was a bond girl, and now a Vogue Girl. Why is she so amazing! And pretty! That dress is to die for! Im gonna go look for one like that. It kinda adds to my spring thing.

Kate Moss. You hate her one day, you love her the other
I love this cover!

I love the dress!

the simplicity of this is so amazing! Yet its so fashionable

This goes along with my spring/summer theme. SO saving this!

Did i mention i was a hippie heritage? Well this to me is colorful Hippie Heritage ness

I love how colorful this one is!

TWIGGY! My aunt{the london one} calls me twiggy because i love modeling and i remind her of twiggy.

Vogue Paris
Now who dosent love themselves some Gaspard Ulliel?


  1. hi tariro,

    thank you for dropping by my site, and thank you for these lovely Vogue scans! i am particularly loving the Agyness Deyn one for its coolness and minimalism, and that colourful acid-pop 80's inspired cover. just loving it! again thanks for the scans.

    p.s. do let me know if you want to exchange links!

    much love


  2. You're welcome!
    And id love to.

  3. tariro!!

    thanks for dropping in yet again. yes, was i a lucky girl or waht? the guy is totally humble and a total eye candy. i heard he was taking his tour worldwide, so you might get a chance to meet him yourself!



  4. ahhh so cool. And yeah. he is total eye candy. lol
    and im adding your link right now

  5. I love the Gemma Ward Vogue cover, I think she's gorgeous! Oh, and the Twiggy one too (you're lucky your Aunt calls you Twiggy. I keep telling people to call me Audrey Hepburn, but it's not catching on...)

  6. haha. i have a LOT of nicknames
    My middle name is named after audrey hepburn idk how my parents knew about her.

    So my name is Tariro Audrey
    but if you wanna add nicknames im Tariro Audrey Bambi Twiggy
    And yeah. bambi. since i was 2 months old. my dad calls me that more than anyone.

  7. thanks love!

    brilliant blog.

  8. natalia's cover is so gorgeous, and i love that vintage twiggy cover! i posted it on my blog earlier this week, actually :)

    your blog is really lovely!

  9. I really like the hippie heritage cover! =D

  10. Aggy and that Bond girl looks so nice!=)

  11. Eva Green is so gorgeous. Its like the smoky eye was made for her.