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Thursday, March 19, 2009

what happensif a car comes?; we die

Dont you love my creative titles cause i sure do! Hallelujah to creativeness. 1 more day until NYC and i decided to update for the last time before i leave for 3 whole fun-filled days. Ill never sleep.

So anyways, i felt creative today. After a horrible day that ill explain later in blogging life, i come home to find the pepco people cut EVERYONE IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD's lights to "fix things". Psh i was mad! Ok so after everything was cleared i took a nap and then came downstairs, wtached "She's The Man" for the second time, and got on here.

Now for those who are on polyvore, you know it makes you wanna do stuff. So, instead of making a mosaic on polyvore, i decided to make a mosaic using paint and GIMP as like an editorial page for my magazine [yes its still on. just working]. So, here's a peek at the types of fashion pages i plan to do. Now, i know it may not be the best but in order for me to ever become an editorial staff on teen vogue, i must start from the bottom. Im so excited! Another peace of my magazine in set. This makes me feel like a princess with a cup full of noodles.

So, this mosaic page was inspired by the pictures on there and i hope you guys enjoy it. Tell me if you think i should change anything!
Ill be editing this post if i make more of them because im still full if inspiRADICALNESS so keep checking!

all my love, the girl in the striped pajamas and the fuzzy pink shoes.


  1. Sure, I'd love to exchange links! You're added. :)

    You did a great job on the collage!

  2. ah my whole streets electricity went out the other day, we were gone six hours without electrics!
    luckily it was during the day though :)
    thank you for your lovely comment on my blog by the way my love!
    sorry that it took me AGES to reply though,,
    x x x x x x x x x