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Saturday, March 28, 2009

famous guys and art on display

hey guys! Sorry i havent blogged in a while. Ive been busy with tests. Im tired right now from 2 days of a birthday party so ill make this short.

I met someone famous! Im disorriented so i forgot his name but he's really famous. I was with my friends at the mall and was like hey! that dude's famous! Then he looked over at me and smiled, then turned to his friends and like probably said she recognized me. I felt so special. I got a handshake and a hug. awesomest day ever!
P.S the mall had alot of hot guys. I was happy most of the time, but my friend's mom said i was annoying and that she'd never wanna take me to the mall again just because i went to a store to go buy something which {not even!} made her late for the seat she wanted when we went to go watch "The Knowing".

Also, my artwork will be on display at this art show at my new school! Ive been there 3 weeks and im already a star artist. Lol. Its cool.

And, the knowing was really good so go watch it. It was sad though. So get some tissues k?

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  1. ahh i'm so excited to see "the knowing" i deffinently want to see it soon!