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Monday, February 23, 2009

Sewn By Cloud

Hey. Ok so i was looking through my closet apparently having to clean. Ha, i wish. Anyway i came across a few of the clothes i hadnt worn if forever. Lookie what i got.

My beloved cow boy boots! I love those things. They're the best shoes i own that are boots. I think they add flare to the whole outfit. Mind the mess of a room i have. cleaning isnt what i do. and i didnt feel like it. lol

the flower pin i bought at forever 21, the shirt i cant remember where i got it, the little sweater is from GAP. The skirt is from old navy, and the leggings (they're gray) are from forever 21. i rate this a 9/10. Idk. Its actually quite awesome with the shoes.
I love this outfit! I was kind of inspired by marie Antoinette with the shirt and i wanted to add something beachy so i put in the skirt. Then i wanted to add a touch of comfort so i put on the sweater and the converse so it wouldnt be too formal. What do you all think of my choices?
And i might be going shopping this weekend so ill have new stuff. And sorry my head's cut off. I had to take them myself.

Sweater: Old Navy
Top: MaryKate and Ashley
Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: High top navy converse


  1. oh wow super jealous of those cowboy boots.
    i'm thinking of getting purple ones, not sure yet...

  2. haha thanks. Woah purple ones would be really cool. Now i want them in green lol