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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Beautiful Dreamer

So i was flipping through my new Teen Vogue with Taylor Swift on the cover. Personally i love her and she rocks. Ok well i came across this editorial section with images with the theme beautiful dreamer. And trust me they are beautiful. I decided to show them up here because they are really cool and inspiring.

Dont you love this! I like the bag she has the most. The picture gives off this really cool vintage vibe and im likin' it. lol

Inspiration im getting: Maybe go thrifting and get a gold clutch, wear my black blazer with my white shirt underneath, and some white destroyed shirts. maybe gladiator sandals? Yes or no?

I love this picture! I like how she's wearing the silk scarf on her neck and some of its colors match her shirt.

inspiration im getting: red bandana or scarf, get a red and white shirt, denim skinny jeans, mocassins

I love this one. It makes me want to put on my PJ's, some vintage heels, a colorful sweater, and run to denny's to get breakfast. :]

this is my favorite one out of all of them. I think i wanna do some type of DIY with this. maybe make a plain blue shirt into something this cool. Idk. And also i need a tie.

So there goes Beautiful dreamer. Now i want all that stuff. Lol. And i need some ew jewelry. I think ill ask my dad to take me to Value Village this Friday. Its a half day so we'll have time. Ttyl


  1. Tariro, i must say, your blog is excellent!!!
    keep posting pictures of your style and all the fashion you love. you'll be surprised at how many bloggers out there that share the same interests/style as you!

    check out the links in my link section, because then they have links, and those links have links, and you'll find yourself looking at over a hundred blogs and wasting your life like me! haha. happy blogging!!!

    (and, that blue shirt...thing? in the last picture is killing me as well. i love it!)

  2. Thanks so much Hazel! Ahh you're like the most amazing person for me right now. Im gonna go grab some nesquik, come back, and look at all those links. well until my eyes hurt but oh well.